Why Bages?


Bages is a great opportunity, a future.

Thanks to the introduction of new technologies and good connections with the world through major road infrastructures crossing through the middle of the region, Bages is one of the territories on the rise. Located right in the heart of Catalonia, it is close enough to the metropolitan area of Barcelona but with enough distance to have affordable, available, and versatile land.


The industrial tradition of the Bages, its business and in the institution and nature of its people, make this region a highly competitive area, destined to become a European leader, taking advantage of the synergies and industrial collaborations.

The right size to grow. This is what Bages offers, a region that wants to grow in a balanced and sustainable way, emerging as a result of the success of its strategic planning. Bages is ready to continue evolving in line with the growth of its economy; its institutions ensure that business will always find the right answer to its needs in every moment. A made to measure solution.

Financed by:

Diputació de Barcelona Generalitat de Catalunya Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio Unió Europea. Fons social europeu