Living in Bages


Living in Bages, means focussing on quality of life, in a region with a perfect balance between urban and rural areas. It is a land with natural resources and with an extraordinary cultural heritage, as well as an exceptional range of shops and services.


Bages is the most central region in Catalonia, almost the same distance from the capitals of the four Catalonian provinces and located at the crossroads of three major roads: the transversal, diagonal and Llobregat. The whole country is within reach, meaning that there is an inexhaustible cultural and commercial attraction, the attractive Catalonian Mediterranean beaches, the power of Barcelona and the Pyrenees, where outdoor sports and activities can be practised in summer and winter.

A nearby region

184.000 people live in Bages, distributed between the capital, Manresa (75.000 inhabitants), and 34 villages. It is, therefore, a quiet area, without crowds, with good facilities for families and an administration closer to the citizens.


Due to the distance that it is from the metropolitan area of Barcelona this has meant that Manresa has had to develop its own services, infrastructure and equipments far more superior than many cities of the same size, which makes this city the capital of Central Catalonia.

Viure al Bages
Agulla park (Manresa).
Viure al Bages
Shopping in the centre of Manresa.
Viure al Bages
Kursaal theatre facade in Manresa city centre © Marta Pich
Viure al Bages
Facade of the new areas in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Althaia Foundation, Manresa.
Viure al Bages
View of Montserrat mountain.

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