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Vidmar: from Barcelona to Bages for “weight” reasons

It is specialised in weighing systems and industrial dosing, but a pioneering system has been launched to produce biodiesel from recycling domestic oils. The recession hasn’t really affected them: it’s a question of knowing where the market is growing.

José Roda founded Vidmar in 1985 in Barcelona, but he has always worked with Bages workshops. The harmony and the industrial land facilities lead the company to Cardona, where they have found skilled technicians and above all, loyalty to the company.

Vidmar exports over 70 % of its production, to forty countries around the world. The international success is due to being one of the world leaders with its own technology to produce industrial weighing and dosing equipment, mainly aimed at raw material plants (cement and mining in particular).
Its customers depend mainly on construction, so the Spanish market today gives little work to Vidmar. However, this company has been able to go where the market is growing so now has a strong presence in the emerging countries (Latin America, the North of Africa, Asia and the Middle East).
In the same way, Vidmar designs and manufactures other weighing systems for automation both in mechanics and software. All of this from the north of Bages, where they have found a good team of engineers, a highly skilled workshop staff and above all staff with great company loyalty, much more than in the metropolitan area where the company came from.



Company name: VIDMAR
Industrial Park: La Cort
Activity: Industrial weighing and dosing systems. Design and manufacturing of structures and platforms for static weighing systems, industrial process automation systems, software for controlling the movement of trucks and bulk cargo and converters to resolve long distance communications in industrial areas.
Address: C/ Els forns, parcel·les 8-9
Town / Village: Cardona
Telephone: 93 868 46 25
Fax: 93 869 10 53
Market type: National and international markets
Staff: 38 employees

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