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Thor EspecialidadesThor Especialidades

Thor Especialidades

THOR, the chemical multinational found just what it needed in Bages

Thor Especialidades, S.A. is the Spanish subsidiary of the multinational Thor, dedicated to biocides for industrial and cosmetic use, flame retardant and quaternary ammonium. The company has also been working to grow and consolidate its R+D area during the last two years.

After moving from two other Catalan locations, the company decided to install in Bages because of the availability of large land areas, for the prices and good connections. Its present and future are in Bages.

One of the 8 Thor plants worldwide is in Castellgalí: Thor Especialidades S.A., the only plant in the country. In 1993 it was implanted in Catalonia and since then it’s not left, but was in two different sites in the metropolitan area of Barcelona before landing in Bages, in 2000. The company has 62 employees, the majority from the region and achieved a turnover of 31 million Euros in 2011. Apart from the production plant, warehouses and offices, there are also microbiology analysis laboratories and for two years they have also had R+D laboratories. In fact, this latter area is one of the growth challenges proposed by the company that also foresees an investment in the security field.

Bages offered them the opportunity to have large industrial land areas at more affordable prices than in the metropolitan area and also good communication with the rest of Catalonia, Spain and Europe, with an added value of being in the middle of the countryside in a pleasant environment.


THOR Especialidades, S.A.

Company name: THOR
Industrial Park: Pla del Camí
Activity: Company in the chemical sector dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial and cosmetic biocides, flame retardant and quaternary ammonium.
Address: Avda. de la Indústria, 1
Town / Village: Castellgalí
Telephone: 93 833 28 00
Fax: 93 833 37 13
Web: http://www.thor.comMarket
Market type: Catalan and international markets
Staff: 62 employees

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