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Tecnium: pioneers in the treatment of corrosive fluids

Founded in 1957 in Bages, Tecnium was set up to meet a necessity in the industry: to find solutions for handling corrosive liquids and gases. Innovation has been the priority of the company.

When Tecnium considered whether to grow inside or outside of Bages, the answer was clear: “we’ll stay”. Rooted in Bages is a good network of suppliers and cooperation with training and research centres.

Tecnium was born and raised in Bages, but this hasn’t been an impediment to internationalise and export worldwide. In fact, one of its immediate challenges, already underway, is to strengthen international expansion, selling in European Union countries, North America and some countries in South America, the South, East and Far East and North Africa, among others. This company with four specialised areas of business, 100 employees and offices in Spain, France and China, provides solutions for the handling of corrosive fluids (liquids and gases) and for the treatment of pollutant gases. Having its vision firmly set on innovation has made this company a pioneer in many treatment systems.
Tecnium had different reasons for staying in Bages when they could have left to develop its business. One of the main reasons for staying was the professionals themselves, who perfectly fit in with the company culture. Other strong reasons are the good network of local suppliers and good cooperation with training and research centres. Bages is indeed a very interesting place to find qualified professionals, thanks to good training (also continuous) offered by the universities and training centres.



Company name: TECNIUM
Industrial Park: Bufalvent
Activity: Solutions for handling corrosive fluids (liquids and gases) and for the treatment of pollutant gases. Four areas of business: centrifugal plastic pumps, gas washing engineering, centrifugal plastic fans and boilers in polyester and thermoplastic.
Address: C/ Ferran Casablancas, 24
Town / Village: Manresa
Telephone: 93 874 84 80 / 902.443.000
Fax: 93 875 76 68
Market type: Catalan and international markets
Staff: 100 employees

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