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Roqueta OrigenRoqueta Origen

Roqueta Origen

Merging tradition with innovation: the key to a good wine

Dedicated to wine, Roqueta Origen is found in Bages, a privileged region, with an optimum climate and an appropriate environment from where it can be sold worldwide.

The added value of its wines is their location and authenticity. The links with a land historically known for vineyards and its continued commitment to innovation has made this an international cellar.

The origins of the Roqueta family and their dedication to wine can be documented right back to the XII century. It was at the end of the XIX century when Ramon Roqueta Torrentó began marketing the products of the country house, at this time the pillars that continue to define the company were built. Roqueta Origen has successfully exported its wines abroad without losing the distinguishing feature of local value, due to the conviction of the enormous potential of the vines in Bages. Currently they sell products in 51 countries, they have cellars with their own warehouses in different places, always focussing its activities on the production and aging of wines, the cultivation of vineyards and wine tours.

Therefore, not only in Bages have they found a privileged place for the planting of vineyards but also good facilities and connections out to international markets. Roqueta Origen have found allies with companies which are very committed to the region, like the Alícia Foundation and Món Sant Benet, that have allowed work synergies in the field of wine tourism and cuisine.



Company name: ROQUETA ORIGEN
Industrial Park: Town centre
Activity: Production and aging of wines, the cultivation of vineyards and wine tours.
Address: Ctra. de Vic 81, 1r
Town / Village: Manresa
Telephone: 93 874 35 11
Fax: 93 873 72 04
Market type: National and international markets
Staff: 60 employees

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