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Oliva TorrasOliva Torras

Oliva Torras

Oliva Torras, one of the historic Bages metal companies

Oliva Torras is specialised in providing semi-finished parts for the metal industry and the manufacturing of refrigeration machines, slot machines and parking machines and parking meters. They operate throughout Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Throughout its 60 years, Oliva Torras has adapted to the changing industrial scene. They have also collaborated actively in the policies of continuous training in the institutions.

Founded in 1945, Oliva Torras was dedicated to the manufacturing of heavy boilers and textile machinery. In the 80s, the business was re-orientated and today it’s a supplier of metallic components for industry, especially for refrigeration machinery, slot machines, parking meters and mechanisms for car parks.

Its products are mainly sold to the European Union, the United States, Latin America and Australia and they have a branch in Mexico. The operations centre is in Manresa, the company’s birth place. From here, there is a strong commitment to employing people from the region, especially regarding the inclusion of women in the metal sector.
The management at Oliva Torras value the good qualifications of the workers. Furthermore, the owner, Sebastià Catllà, was the promoter of the Practice Training Centre, where Bages industrial workers can do refresher courses to keep up-to-date.


Company name: OLIVA TORRAS
Industrial Park: Pont Nou I
Activity: Subcontracting of metal and manufacturing of machinery for the cold, parking and slot machines.
Address: Camí de Rajadell, s/n
Town / Village: Manresa
Telephone: 93 872 97 33
Fax: 93 872 99 80
Market type: Catalan and international markets
Staff: 115 employees

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