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Matribages prioritises the ‘know how’ and moves towards the aeronautical sector

Specialising in the manufacturing of dies and tooling for the automotive sector, Matribages makes a strong impression on machining tools for the aeronautic sector. Exporting to a dozen countries and orientating its expansion towards the establishment of strategic links in emerging regions.

When it was founded in 1987, Matribages set up in Bages because it was the origin of its founders and above all the market was near. Today most of the market is further away but it’s a good place to invest in talent.

The name Matribages has traditionally been associated with the manufacturing of dies for steel rims. It started as a workshop supplier for the Lemmerz plant in Manresa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rims.

Matribages has advanced a lot since then, and now exports the majority of its production: dies and tooling for the automotive sector (especially for the production of rim and pulleys) and for some years, the machining of parts for the aerospace industry. Indeed, the Manresa company wants to make a determined step in this sector and establish strategic links with powerful companies in emerging countries.
One of the greatest handicaps of operating not just from Bages but also from Europe are the salary costs but it is a region considered as being a good location to invest in talent, independently of where the manufacturing is finished.



Company name: MATRIBAGES
Industrial Park: Bufalvent
Activity: Manufacturing of dies and tooling for the automotive sector. Especially the manufacturing of steel rims and pulleys. Also the machining of parts for the aerospace industry.
Address: C/ Ramons Farguell, 52-56
Town / Village: Manresa
Telephone: 93 874 88 88
Fax: 93 877 49 01
Market type: Catalan and international markets
Staff: 40 employees

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