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Iberpotash, a firm commitment for Bages

Subsidiary of the multinational group ICL, one of the world market leaders of potash, Iberpotash exploits the mines of Súria and Sallent and sells the mineral to four continents. It is immersed in the Phoenix Project (with the first phase approved with 160 million Euros), an investment that reinforces the commitment of the company for Bages.

Iberpotash is the most important company in Bages, and leads a major commitment for the future of the region. The connection with the future Mediterranean Corridor is a great challenge to achieve and one which is fully worked on.

About one million tonnes of potassium chloride (agricultural fertilizer essential for world food) and 1,4 million tonnes of sodium chloride (for the electrochemical industry and the thawing of roads) come out of Súria and Sallent annually, Transported by train to the Port of Barcelona and from there to dozens of countries in Europe, America, Asia and the North of Africa. The transportation of salt and potash can also be made by truck.

Iberpotash directly employs 1,200 people and is the company which generates the most economic volume in Bages. This figure will increase thanks to the Phoenix Project, based on the construction of a plant for salt crystallisation which will produce some 750,000 tonnes of sodium chloride of 99.97% purity, annually.

Iberpotash values the centrality of Bages, the proximity to Barcelona but being outside the metropolitan area, with good connections with the port and the Catalonian capital airport and the challenge of the rail connection with the future Mediterranean Corridor. They also believe that the institutions give facilities for location of companies, with attractive industrial land prices.



Company name: Iberpotash
Industrial Park: Mining Area Súria
Activity: Extraction, processing and marketing of potassium chloride and sodium. Potassium chloride as a basic fertiliser and sodium for the chemical industry and the thawing of roads.
Address: Afores s/n
Town / Village: Súria
Telephone: 93 868 28 03
Fax: 93 869 57 50
Market type: Catalan, national and international markets
Staff: 1,200 employees (900 of its own staff)

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