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Domini AmbientalDomini Ambiental

Domini Ambiental

Water and renewable energy, the key to a sustainable future

Domini Ambiental designs and sells material for renewable energy and water installations. They sell in countries in the European Union and have subsidiaries in France and Germany. It’s a sector for the future and they want to be leaders.

It would be the purchasing department to provide the two companies of the group, but they found a good way to go on their own with the renewable energy sector. From Santpedor, at the foot of two of the major Catalan roads, it has an eye on the world.

Elèctrica Pintó i Catalana de Perforacions, from the same owner, needed a supplier of materials and in 2003 Domini Ambiental was created as a purchasing centre. Soon after, they saw that Domini Ambiental could go it alone in the renewable energy and water installation sector.

Domini Ambiental mainly exports to Italy, Portugal, France and Germany; they have subsidiaries in these last two countries. It also seeks to expand their Spanish market and to especially become one of the leaders in the Catalonian sector. Its products range from any material for installations to turnkey integrated design.

All of this view comes from the Santpedor in the centre of Bages, near to the transversal main roads and the Llobregat. The centrality and good connection with Catalonia and all of Europe are the main reasons why Domini Ambiental keeps its decision centre in the region.

What Esteve Pintó (Domini Ambiental manager) thinks about being in Bages:


Company name: Domini Ambiental
Industrial Park: Sant Anna I
Activity: Wholesale trade of material for renewable energy. Design of renewable energy installations and sales of cold water pipes, pumps and water meters among others.
Address: Crta BV-4511, km 4,2
Town / Village: Santpedor
Telephone: 93 832 17 91
Fax: 93 832 17 96
Market type: Catalan, national and international markets
Staff: 11 employees

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