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Compact Habit and the assembly line applied to construction

Being innovative in such a traditional sector like construction, seemed unthinkable until Compact Habit decided to make buildings on an assembly line and once made, install them in-situ. In this way they have become a worldwide reference.

Constructora d’Aro created Compact Habit in 2004, and after four years developing the prototype system, it was successfully launched in 2007, and they decided to go ahead with the project and came up with the challenge of finding a large plot where the plant could be installed. Cardona, in the North of Bages was chosen. Houses can’t be sent abroad but they are considering exporting the ‘know-how’.

In 2007 the prototype module was presented at Construmat and delighted the construction world. Compact Habit, a subsidiary of Constructora d’Aro (Manresa), has incorporated in the construction sector, its own mass production line like the automobile industry. So not only are the materials, times and processes optimised but also accidents have been reduced to almost zero.
The Compact Habit management have found good professionals in Bages, and they have benefited from the portfolio of suppliers from their matrix and also from the region. Installation in the heart of Catalonia is essential for their market, due to the fact that they can’t build too far away from their plant and the centrality within Catalonia makes the logistics easier. Indeed, they can’t export houses but they are now considering exporting their knowledge.
On the other hand, the versatility and competitiveness of industrial land and the complicity of local administrations, interested in filling their industrial estates to add value and create jobs, are valued.



Company name: COMPACT HABIT
Industrial Park: La Cort
Activity: Manufacturing of buildings on a production line. Industrialised construction of fully equipped and finished volumetric concrete modules from the factory.
Address: C/ Marbusca, parcel·la 27
Town / Village: Cardona
Telephone: 93 869 08 78
Fax: 93 869 08 79
Market type: National and international markets
Staff: 80 employees

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