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Ca l’Arenys

Ca l’Arenys: the most profitable demo in history

Today, it’s dedicated to manufacturing craft beer and to the design and construction of brewing machinery (microbreweries) throughout the country.

They made machines to make beer and wanted to show that it could turn out well. Today, its own craft beer is considered the best in the country.

Ca l’Arenys was born in 2003 with the original idea of designing machinery to make craft beer. However, to prove that the systems worked, they started producing their own craft beer, Guineu. Currently it is considered as the best craft beer in Spain (Madrid 2011 – Con Mucha Gula) and for more than a year it has been in the top three places of the world low alcohol content ranking.

Ca l’Arenys has 12 microbreweries around Spain, and is undergoing a process of expansion. The company has built up its growth from its roots in Bages, for the centrality in Catalonia and its good road communications. Ca l’Arenys started in Gaià (in the extreme north of Bages) but later settled in Valls de Torroella (Navàs), a former textile industry colony from Cardener.


Company name: CA L’ARENYS – LA GUINEU
Industrial Park: Industrial area of Valls de Torruella
Activity: Design, manufacturing and installation of machinery for microbreweries; manufacturing of quality craft beer (Guineu brand); marketing of raw materials and elements to make beer (e-commerce) and conducting training courses.
Address: Passatge del Riu, 12. Valls de Torroella
Town / Village: Sant Mateu de Bages
Telephone: 93.868.29.74
Fax: 93 868 29 75
Staff: 5 employees

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