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Dental implants, how to compete in the world with value-added technologies

AVINENT is dedicated to the production of dental implants and dentistry sector products destined for dentists and prosthetic laboratories. It has also specialised in providing digital dentistry products and services and has recently created a division making custom prostheses optimized for this type of technology. Export to a dozen countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

Vilardell Purtí has always stood out as an industry that produces products with high added value specialised in high precision lathing parts. In 2006 the medical implants and dental sector products division was opened under the name of AVINENT IMPLANT SYSTEM, which soon became a national leader in innovation.

Vilardell Purtí is dedicated to lathing parts and manufacturing high precision parts, since 1958. Creating AVINENT was the result of a further evolution in their constant search for value added industrial activities.

After three years of research, AVINENT started in 2006 with the production of dental implants with a highly specialised surface. Currently they are also specialising in digital dentistry products and services and have a custom milling prosthesis division leader in Spain.

It is at the forefront of innovation at a national level and is an internationally recognised company. With a sales network covering the UK, Portugal, Turkey, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, United States and the Benelux countries. It has subsidiaries in the UK and Portugal, but remains firm in its desire to work from Bages, where highly qualified scientists and technical professionals can be found.


AVINENT Implant System, S.L.

Company name: AVINENT (Grup Vilardell Purtí)
Industrial Park: Sant Anna I
Activity: Production of dental implants with a highly specialised surface and the necessary material for the elaboration of dentures. In addition to, a division for the elaboration of custom prostheses.
Address: Ctra. Navarcles – BV-4511, km 4
Town / Village: Santpedor
Telephone: 93 827 27 20
Fax: 93 832 02 12
Market type: National and international markets
Staff: 65 employees

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