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Started making cars and became world leaders for dumpers

Ausa designs, manufactures and sells compact industrial vehicles for mainly for use in construction, municipal services, industry and agriculture. Its products are sold in 80 countries through over 500 distributors. Some of its suppliers operate in Bages.

In 1956, three friends got together to produce a small car called the PTV. They fulfilled their dream but in 1961 the business was re-orientated to site dumpers for construction. Today Ausa is a world leader in Dumpers and Rough Terrain Fork-Lifts.

Ausa is a good example of a company which is growing worldwide but it’s only production centre remains in Bages. Its founders, four friends who wanted to manufacture cars, 50 years ago, couldn’t have begun to imagine this expansion. In fact, what was least expected was that five years after launching their car, the PTV, onto the market, the change in direction would open the way for compact industrial vehicles.
In 1961 Ausa began with Dumpers for construction but evolution has led to extending the offer to a wide range of compact industrial vehicles like Rough Terrain Fork-Lifts, Telescopic-Handlers and Self-loading Concrete Mixers. In addition, during the last 15 years the company has also diversified into the maintenance and municipal services, with Street Sweepers and Washers and Utility Vehicles. Ausa has also exported to 80 countries through over 500 distributors and 6 sales subsidiaries.
Those responsible for Ausa value the region with its good road communications with the rest of the country and the continent, the good preparation of professionals and the proximity to some of its suppliers.



Company name: AUSA
Industrial Park: Els Dolors
Activity: Design, manufacturing and sale of compact industrial vehicles for construction companies, machine hire companies, municipalities, service companies for municipalities, farming, industry and mining among others.
Address: Ctra. de Vic, km. 2,8
Town / Village: Manresa
Telephone: 93 874 73 11
Fax: 93 874 12 11
Market type: Catalan and international markets
Staff: 250 employees

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